Tomesode Plan


・A plan featuring an elegant and highly formal coordination, often considered as the primary attire for women.
・The displayed price includes a hair set service.
※ Currently, we only offer black tomesode.

◇ Set Contents
Kimono, Obi (sash), Juban (undergarment), Zori (sandals), Tabi (socks), Kinchaku (pouch) – Furisode Bag, Baggage storage, Women’s hair set, Women’s hair ornaments
※ The Tomesode Plan includes a Tomesode Bag (optional bag).
※ It is possible to rent without bringing anything. We recommend wearing Heat-tech material inner or leggings with an open neckline for warmth on cold weather.
◇ Requiring Time
After determining the coordination, the dressing time is between 50 to 70 minutes.
※ The time may vary slightly depending on the time and season.
◇ Returning Time
Regardless of the reservation time, the final returning time is 17:30 on the same day.
※ Please be aware that an additional extension fee will be charged if the return time is exceeded.
※ Next Day Return Service
For an additional fee of ¥1,000 per plan, you can return the rental items by 17:30 on the next day.
A separate deposit of ¥5,000 (cash only) is required as a security deposit. (It will be refunded after the return of rental items.)
◇ Notes
Hair set is available regardless of your hair length.
Plan changes on the day of your visit are possible.
The service includes a hair set and hair accessories, with no restrictions on the number or size.
Makeup is not included, so please visit us with your makeup completed.
We do not provide hair set services for men.
There is no space for self-hair setting, so please come with your hair styled.
We recommend wearing V-neck inner wear.
※Please understand we cannot attend Kimonos for pregnant customers, due to tightening Obi (sash) around the abdomen.

◇ Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I am worried about my height. Is it possible to rent a kimono?
A: There may be differences within each customers, but a height of 165cm could wear our kimonos without any problem.
Q: Are makeup services included?
A: Makeup services are not included.
Q: Can I have a hair set with hair extensions?
A: It is possible. However, we could only provide hair styling services for customers who have no problems using hair irons.
Please note that we cannot assume responsibility for any issues such as damage or falling off.

To make a reservation for the Tomesode Plan, please click [here].

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