Hair Set Gallery

Hair Sets at 1115uncinq

1115uncinq hair stylists offer hair arrangements tailored to suit your hair length and desired images.
These are some collections of actual hair arrangements♡

Ponytail Arrangement


Bob / Short Hair

Braided Down

Half Updo

Ponytail Arrangement

Our stylists incorporate the latest trends, while suggesting personalized hair arrangements for each customer.

Ponytail arrangement with hair accessories ✨

Change the flow simply for an accent ♡


With a secure hold of updo, you can confidently wear your kimono during your trip.
Perfect hair arrangement for creating a Japanese-modern style.

Elegance and cuteness bundled in the updo ♡

Bun-like arrangement finished with a ribbon ♡

Adult sexy! Accent with simple hair accessories ✨

Matching up with the color of hair accessories and the kimono for a total look coordination ♡

Sprinkling pearls for an elegant arrangement ✨

Talk hat with updo ♡ Neckline looks clean!

Bob / Short Hair

Adding accents brings out light movements and expressive impressions, maximizing your individuality and enhance feminine charm.

Evoke maturity with simple hair accessories!

Giving casual touch and accent with toque hat ♡

Braids and end arrangement for a cute coordination ✨

Braided Down

Our stylists provides delicate braids to complement your coordination, creating a delicate balance between relaxation and sophistication.

Braided down with abundant use of simple hair accessories ♡

Braided down with hair accessories in mature gold tones ✨

Twin style not too sweet with simple hair accessories on a lovely hair color ♡

Half Updo

The half updo style creates an elegant images, enhancing your facial features while providing a soft and feminine impression.

Braids and hair accessories for a different images ✨

Soft arrangement for an increase in femininity ♡

Twisted arrangement as an accent✨

Special Rental Plan for Hair Sets

All rental plans (excluding the Basic Plan) at 1115uncinq, include a hair set. Unlimited use of hair accessories ♪
If you’re spending the day in a kimono, we wish you to enjoy as much as possible! We’re here to meet your requests.